How to Create a Floral Frame

Posted on 25 May 2020

Your wedding should reflect your own personality and style. For our rustic-chic brides, we recommend mixing vintage items with fresh flowers and leafy greens to give your wedding a charming touch. Today, we present a simple and budget friendly project that will be a favorite spot for photos on your special day.


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Antique frames are a chic accessory in weddings and other events for 2017. We recommend rescuing one or more antique pictures frames from your local thrift shop for an authentic vintage feel. However, you can always distress frames you already have around your home or buy at a local store.  In this blog, we show how to decorate a large antique frame measuring 33” x 25”.  The options are endless.  You may use one or more frames ranging from small to large depending on your design concept.  You can go a step further by joining several frames as a dramatic altar decoration.

We recommend creating your frames the day before your wedding when using fresh cut farm-direct flowers. Remember to hydrate your flowers prior to use for an optimal bloom.

For large frames we recommend using at least one large flower type such as roses, lilies, carnations or spider mums and smaller coordinating flowers for contrasting touches of color and texture.  We do not recommend using hydrangeas because these are very thirsty flowers that may wilt during your event unless you keep them in water tubes adding additional water every few hours. For more design ideas or questions regarding your flower option, chat with our Blooms Specialists below. 
  • Clean container of fresh water
  • Garden shears
  • Picture frame(s) – We used an antique frame measuring 33” x 25”
  • Clear fishing line
  • Sharp scissors
  • 2 bunches of fresh flowers from Bloomingmore – We used a mix of pink and light pink natural roses.
  • 1 Bunch of fresh Ruscus



STEP 1: Hydrate your flowers

Cut stem tips diagonally and place in your container of water to hydrate your fresh flowers for 2-3 hours prior to crafting your table centerpiece.

STEP 2: Create a base of greens

Begin by placing the ruscus or greens of your choice along the two opposite corners of the frame.  Be generous with the greens to give a full and luscious look. All of the stems should be pointing in the same direction with some of the leaves cascading off the frame.

STEP 3: Add your flowers

Once you have your greens base, you can begin adding the flowers. Cut your flowers 3 inches from the base of the bloom and place them in small bunches along your frame. Just as you did with the greens, your flowers should be pointing in the same direction to reflect the natural way a vine grows.

STEP 4: Ensure your corners are completely covered
Continue adding flowers until none of the frame is exposed in the two corners of the frame or until your design is complete.

STEP 5: Tie your greens and flowers 
Once you are happy with the distribution of greens and flowers, use fishing line to tie everything to the frame.  Fishing line is great because you can weave it around the stems and hide it behind the leaves. If you are going to hang your frames outside, we recommend adding a little extra fishing line to ensure the flowers do not fall off in the wind.

Congratulations!  You now have a beautiful and fully functional wedding detail ready to be used as a photo booth prop or alter backdrop at your wedding.  We are sure your guests and more importantly you and your spouse will take numerous photos with your flower frames to cherish forever.


We love to hear from you! Share your comments and pictures below or on social media! #Bloomingmore

Happy Blooming!

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